School Uniform

The uniform is an important part of any school program. Students must be properly attired at all times.

Grade Pre-K Girls and boys – St. Francis de Sales School P.E. uniform.


Grades Kindergarten – Grade 6

Light blue Oxford-type shirt, navy shorts or long pants, black belt, white or navy socks, blue plaid tie, and black shoes (not high tops). A solid navy blue sweater or a solid navy blue jacket is worn on cooler days. Hair must be shorter than the shirt collar. No afros, hair sculpturing, pony tails or beads are allowed. A wrist watch may be worn. Earrings are forbidden. No sneakers.

Grades 7-12

White short- sleeved shirt, navy blue pants, black belt, navy blue or black socks, black shoes, plaid tie.


Grades Kindergarten – Grade 3

Blue plaid jumpers, light blue blouse, white knee-high socks, black shoes, navy blue cross-over tie and crest.

Primary Girls – Grades 4 – 6

Blue plaid skirts, light blue blouse. White knee-high socks, black shoes, navy blue cross-over tie and crest.

Senior Girls – Grades 7-12

White blouse, blue plaid skirt, plaid tie, black shoes, navy blue or white knee-high socks. A solid navy blue sweater or jacket may be worn. A wristwatch (NO SMART WATCHES ARE ALLOWED) and a pair of small earrings may be worn. Hair extensions (braids, curls, wigs) are not allowed. No makeup, nail polish, nail tips or false nails may be worn. All high school students are required to wear full dress uniform every day.

P.E. Uniform

All Grades, Boys and Girls

Navy shorts and St. Francis de Sales P.E. shirts, white or navy socks, blue, white or black tennis shoes. P.E. uniforms can be purchased from the school’s office and should be worn during P.E. classes. All grade levels will have P.E. two times a week. Please label your child’s/children’s clothing.

Students are required to have all necessary materials for all classes including Physical Education. A two week grace period is allowed in September. Once the grace period has passed students will not be allowed in classes without the required uniforms.

Special Notes

• Winter sweaters: Plain, dark, navy blue
• If a student has to be out of uniform for any reason, a note signed by a parent or guardian must be presented to the administration.
• Boys’ pants should be worn at the waist.

Physical Education Uniform
Green House – St. Patrick
Blue House – St. Peter
Red House – St. Paul